‘Bristol North Street Blues…Reds & Oranges’. Completed. 01/06/17

This is a wonderful piece of street art which I felt would really compliment one of my paintings featuring my trademark female.  The colours are so vibrant and alive, although the painting of the geometric shapes proved very taxing for this impatient artist.  I like the result at last. It was a cold morning in April when I set this up and am indebted to the model as she braved the east winds of Bedminster to slide past this street art.    She attracted many an admiring glance in her high heels and red dress as the rest of the population on North Street wrapped up in scarves, hoodies, gloves et al. I always have mixed feelings about street art.  I love the immediacy of it all, and can stand watching for ages as these artists produce such wonderful imagery with their aerosols and paints, usually using a small postcard as a guide to the finished large piece.  I say mixed feelings, because sooner or later the said piece is destroyed by a new work being painted over it!  This is particularly true of here in North Street where we welcome Upfest every year.  This is, I think, the largest…
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‘Bristol North Street Blues…Reds & Orange. WIP. 18/05/17

A painting I never wish I had started 🙂 It’s a great subject, full of colour and a lot of time and thought went into the composition for what would be a square canvas work.  But oh those patterns !  I do not want to fall back into painting too tightly, too realistically, as I believe I am too impatient for that; but how does one achieve these geometric shapes with all their beautiful angles, colours and tones ? Answers please, on a postcard to…… The solution possibly this time around is going to have to be a fairly realistic take on the patterns, but go more freely when painting the woman and the foreground. Will be interesting to see how this one pans out. My aim is to paint a series of Bristol based works with recognisable backgrounds for the trademark woman in the foreground, and then in similar vein for Cape Town which I know pretty well now and have a deep abiding love for.  Both series will involve a lot of colour 🙂 I am thinking about adding more words to some of the paintings, along the lines of ‘Don’t Be A Dick’ as this brought a…
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‘Dont Be A Dick’ completed. 10/05/17

‘All students need to know about color is the basic color wheel and complimentary colors. There are many books on color theory; do not waste your time and money’. (Sergei Bongart) I don’t know this artist, but his quote about the colour wheel is spot on, and something which I find myself doing without thinking these days.  Red always compliments green as can be seen in so many portraits painted by many artists.  Green is nearly always used as an underpainting before the pink and red tones are painted on of the skin. Blue and orange are my personal favourite and I use these colours a lot, as shown here in the front of the cafe. I could have gone for the original brass finish and darker browns and golds, but to me that is too boring.  Colour brings life to a painting.  These two colours are very Mediterranean and symbolise warmth and sunshine. Lastly, purple and yellow, again a Mediterranean feel to these two colours.  If I need to shade down yellow in one of my works, I rarely, if ever, use brown to provide shade.  A touch of purple does the trick. So this painting is finished and…
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