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Welcome to my website and I am glad you have found me.

I am a figurative artist painting in oils. I trained as a portrait artist but now my paintings have a narrative theme that tell a story.

I live on a street in Bristol, UK, which is a hub for street art and graffiti.  Each year it plays host to Upfest, the Urban Paint Festival.   Street artists from all over the world descend on North Street where I live and cover every available wall, hoarding, etc with wonderful, sometimes humorous, sometimes political, always interesting street art and graffiti.

I decided I wanted to preserve some of this art, as it is by its nature ephemeral;  it gets painted over and that is its point, which I find sad.

I go out with my IPhone and take photos of street art that interests me.  I then obtain the street artist’s permission to incorporate their work into my own composition and tag them into my works in progress images on Instagram and Twitter.  In this way I can give them added exposure wherever possible.

I place a woman somewhere in the vicinity of the street art, performing an action which changes the dynamic of the 2d street art, bringing art to life and vice versa.

My studio is small, so cannot paint my pieces from life at the moment. I hire a local model to pose in various styles that I have thought of before, but am always ready to listen to their ideas as two heads are often better than one.   I try also to involve local dress designers, as I am keen to promote ‘local’ as often as possible.

Having said that,  my artwork can be applied to any city or town  as they all have their own individual street artists.  So I am always looking for collaborations in other cities.  I am taking part in Roy’s People Art Fair at the Oxo Tower in London this November, so will be starting London themed street art pieces very soon, probably involving my heroine Amy Winehouse.

I show my work at Great White Art gallery in Bristol ( and am about to show more work at new gallery North opening up here on North Street this week. (

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July 2018


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