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Welcome to my website and I am glad you have found me. To state a cliché, art truly is my passion.

I am a figurative artist painting in oils. I trained as a portrait artist but now my paintings have a narrative theme that tell a story. Each painting will have a subjective quality as the viewer can make up their own mind as to what is happening.
Jack Vettriano is one of my heroes; you want to know what is happening in his paintings.  Likewise Aldo Balding, who has a looser more impressionistic style to his work. My style falls between the two artists’ work. Colour is important especially the blues, purples and pinks of Mediterranean scenes.

In terms of the Great Masters of art, Caravaggio is a great favourite, particularly his use of lights and shadows, as is Vermeer for his smaller, quieter paintings.

My studio is small, so cannot paint my pieces from life at the moment. I hire a model to pose in various styles that I have thought of before, but am always ready to listen to their ideas as two heads are often better than one.

I am lucky to have two art strings to my bow as I also paint what I call Line Art in acrylics. These are fun, affordable contemporary works.  They are the complete opposite to my oil painting figurative work. I paint them in cream with a strong black outline and a touch of red somewhere to add interest. I have also introduced colour into some of the Line Arts. I am selling these through Great White Art Gallery in Bristol (   I also sell my figurative oil paintings with this gallery.  More details on their website.

I will be showing both my oil paintings and Line Art in Austin, Texas this June with Steidel Fine Art ( who are based in Texas.

I also sell my Line Art with online gallery who are based in Cape Town, South Africa. I am developing a series of figurative oil paints based on scenes in and around Cape Town which I will be showing there before too long.

I am part of Manhattan Arts International’s Showcase at   I am delighted to have also been given an Award of Merit in their New Beginnings Exhibition, please see their website for more details.

I sell a selection of my work at my online shop on

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