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I am a narrative figurative artist painting in oils and I live in Bristol, UK.  I used to live in Cape Town, South Africa and part of my heart is forever there.

I paint small oil paintings in alla prima style or direct painting.   These are painted in one session so I can keep prices low.    They are available at £70 framed in white and are 9×9” square.  People sometimes also buy sets of 3  which go well in their kitchens.   I paint whatever fruit or veg is in season and show these at North Gallery on  North Street in Bristol.   I buy most of the produce from local organic greengrocers Hugo’s Greengrocers and they too show my work.   I also paint donuts and now I paint flowers.   I love the bright cheery colours and we all need some of that at the moment.     You can see all of my recent work on my Instagram account @michewatkins and I have a link a text the top of this page to a Catalogue of paintings that are available now.  I update this regularly.

If you would like to email me an image of your kitchen, etc.  I can produce one of these small still lifes to match your wall colours.  Happy to do this.

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I ship internationally.

Feb 2021


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