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I am painting a smaller series of paintings and much enjoying these. At the moment I am concentrating on women’s legs in some wonderful shoes as most women love shoes. These will all probably be 8 x 6″ and unframed for ease of posting. I am also just finishing a slightly larger painting entitled ‘Friday’ – that great feeling of the weekend coming up, so let’s celebrate with a cocktail. This painting is on a box frame and is slightly larger at 14″ x 10″.

My larger figurative oil paintings are framed in white tray frames which compliment the vibrant colours I use in my work.  I have attached one image in my Recent Work on my website to show the framing and this is on The First Move.  The framed can of course be removed, paintings taken off their stretchers and rolled for easy transport by courier.

The Line Art paintings are acrylic and I use a set design which can then be made larger or smaller to whatever requirement you are looking for. These are generally less expensive than the oils as they are quicker to paint. The cream and touch of red paint means that most Line Arts will suit any decor in your home.

All my paintings can be seen at which includes a Price List via PayPal and Contact Me details.

  1. January 28, 2015 by KD White

    Beautiful work so inspiring ATB!

  2. January 28, 2015 by michewatkins

    Thank you, I am onto week two of the Tour Guide now and will put the image up on Twitter tomorrow morning, feedback always welcome.

  3. April 02, 2015 by Mark Crossly

    Hi Miche-The almost “triptych”, girl dressing, (love the shoes btw). Instant response for title: “Perfection can’t be hurried”. I like the piece a lot-you catch “the moment” so well in your painting.

  4. April 02, 2015 by michewatkins

    Not sure about that title Mark as I think it’s more about the excitement of trying on a new pair of shoes and feeling good in them. It’s a good title but not quite what I am after. Thank you for the interest though. Couple of other people are coming up with ideas too so I am sure I will get there. Happy Easter!

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