‘Intimacy’ work in progress march 3 2015


Well I am into week 3 of this painting and am edging towards stage 5) of the Creative List. I know I am too impatient and want to get down to the details, but have to persevere with the painting as a whole first.  I always make the mistake of going into the most difficult bit, the flesh first and making a hash of it;  whereas if I work around the figure first, I can then use the colours in the backgrounds to blend in with the flesh colours and this always completes the harmony.  But I never, ever learn….

For instance this morning I discovered (again) that if I blend the pale blues and lilacs of the walls, curtains etc., into the pinks, and warm colours of the flesh I get a skin tone that seems to work within the whole painting.

I may change the name of this painting (feedback from a loyal Twitter follower who has a way with words..) to Stay…Just a little bit longer.  Rather like that.  Any thoughts from anyone out there?  Feedback is always welcome.

I am always available for Skype tutorials on a one to one way basis.  Please see previous blogs for more details of this.Intimacy week 3This is shxt


  1. March 04, 2015 by Mark Crossley

    Don’t beat yourself up – I like the painting, as for the title – original is better although the song is fitting. I’m sure something will come to you/me. This is instant response (just walked in the door). I’ll get back to you…..
    Enjoy the process!

  2. March 04, 2015 by Murphy Palmer

    Hi Miche – Knickers are fine as they look more like a tap pant which is classier lingerie. I think the “bump” in the sheets where the buttock and knickers join at the bottom needs to be adjusted… Once you have more definition in the small of the back and right lower waist I think you’re getting close. Just my .02 worth but have collected and seen a lot of art over the years. Keep up your great work and thank you for the opportunity to comment on the process. Honored! ~MP (@murphypalmer)

  3. March 04, 2015 by michewatkins

    You are totally right about the definition in small of back and right lower waist. That was first on my list to change when next I get back to the easel. Also the bump in the sheets I put there this morning as i felt there was something not quite right about the bum and this was an escape valve! I am going to just look at the painting for the next couple of days until I can see a way through. Thank you so much for your very helpful feedback. Everytime I look at that left leg of hers I think it is slightly too long from hip to knee, but then another tine i think it looks fine. Time for a break from it I think!

  4. March 04, 2015 by michewatkins

    Thanks Mark, think I need a break from the painting for a couple of days, will just look at it for a bit and see what comes to mind. Thanks for the feedback.

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