The Three Graces in New Red Shoes – Week 1 – 26 March 2015


Three Graces

This is just a working title, as usual I will need help from a certain Twitter follower as words are not my forte….

For this painting, I got inspiration from another artist who had used the same model in one painting.  I had the benefit of a great model who came over to my studio with a range of different outfits and I was able to take a lot of photos for future reference and paintings.  I would love to be able to always paint from life, but time and space do not allow this for me at the moment, so I have to rely on the photographs where possible.

I wanted to explore the idea of women and their love affair with shoes, so I have positioned the model in different poses admiring her new shiny red shoes.  I think I want to keep the background fairly plain, but aim to layer on paint with a palette knife as time goes on, not on the female figure though.

I also aim to make more of the shadows – I like the shadows around the legs and against the wall and will give this more definition as the painting progresses. I am tempted to keep the wall completely white, but this may end up being boring – I shall have to wait and see how the figures progress.

The size is 60 x 50 cm/ 24 x 20″

Please see my January Blog for Skype tutorials on a one to one basis and feel free to email me if interested.

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  1. April 10, 2015 by MPOssa Reply

    Hi!!! It’s me, Wyzapplegal from Twitter 😉 I just now have seen your blog and joined it. I was going to say what a difference it makes in the final product with the brightness of the colors. Its like you splashed sunlight on the whole thing. I am super impressed.

    • April 13, 2015 by michewatkins Reply

      Thanks for your comments and nice to hear from you! I think I am getting there and should finish it tomorrow or Wed. The danger at this stage is overworking the painting and becoming too detailed and I feel I am heading in that direction. I think my next painting I am going to crop the face of the girl because people don’t always want a recognisable image … Thanks again . Will look up yr website tonight

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