Week 3, work in progress June 24 2014 – TITLES!


A mobile phone

I would like to thank everyone on Twitter who came up with ideas for titles for these two pieces, I was overwhelmed with the response.  In the end I decided on a short title for both so this is now called MODERN BLONDE.  Everywhere I go, I see people on their phones all the time – it is a truly modern phenomenon – and not sure if it is a good one, but hey, I am just the artist.  One follower came up with the interesting thought that both paintings could be about  prostitution or call girls, something that had not crossed my mind.

I should finish this next week and am keen to get onto the detail as this makes or breaks a painting to my mind – that and my pink and blue spirited touches!


As regards a title for this, again a lot of good ideas and thanks.  The word ‘Waiting’ featured in so many Tweets with or without prefixes, but in the end I decided little is more and will just be calling it WAITING.  Someone suggested ‘He said he’d call’ but I thought that was too specific and gender orientated, after all she could just be waiting to go to the loo, or her bunions might be giving her grief!  I preferred the slight air of mystery and wistfulness of waiting anyway.

Again, should finish this next week once I have got the detail right, and I already have my next title sorted for new work – ENVY ………

  1. June 24, 2015 by syl65

    These are great, Miche! Perfect fitting titles.

  2. June 25, 2015 by michewatkins

    Thank you as always for your support. Yes I think the titles work well , short and to the point eh?

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