New Website and ‘The Result’ completed. 3 December 2015



a a Result

I am very pleased and proud to tell you that my website is now live. Please do have a look and sign up for the Newsletter at the top of the Home page. I will be sending out quarterly Newsletters telling what I have been up to. Feel free to give me any feedback too. There will no doubt still be a bit more tweaking before I get it completely right, but I am indebted to my wonderful nephew for completely revamping my site, and yes, it did need it – big time.

There are a couple of slight hiccups with iphones and ipads not getting the Line Art images, but we should be there in the next day or two, so please bear with me one more time.

Henceforth, you will find my blog on the website as opposed to a separate link, which should be easier for everyone, including myself!

So, to ‘The Result’ which is now completed. I have been adding glazes to the background wall to give more shade and bring out the light from underneath the lampshade. Glazes are great for adding depth gradually to a painting and I have done similar on the skin tones as well.

I then thought the painting looked a bit dull overall, so out came my blue and pinks paints, but they had to be in warmer tones to compliment the red dress, so could not go quite as vivid with the pink as I would have liked!

  1. December 04, 2015 by David J. Rogers

    Miche, the website looks great. Love this painting, and in fact all your work looks really good on the new website. Contratulations.

  2. December 06, 2015 by Miche

    Thank you David, and my apologies for late reply; the website took up more of my time than I thought! But yes, it looks great doesn’t it? thanks for the support too. Cheers

  3. December 08, 2015 by Dick Sheppard

    Hi Miche
    I came across your stuff on Facebook today and it looks fresh and interesting.
    I like the tour guide.
    Anyway I’d like to come and have a look if that’s possible?

  4. December 09, 2015 by Miche

    It would be lovely to see you Dick anytime. I am in my studios most mornings . Will email you now . Cheers

  5. December 09, 2015 by Fidel(@dragonslayerma)

    Dearest Miche,
    What a wonderful website… It was well worth waiting for. Your amazing work looks stunning on it.. Congrats darlin.XX

  6. December 09, 2015 by Miche

    Thank you so much for the nice feedback. Do sign up for the newsletter if you would like to be kept up to date with what I am up to. And do tell all your friend! New painting on Twitter tomorrow. xx

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