‘Moving On’ Week 1, 23 March 2016


A Moving On

Last week a small painting of a pair of legs set over swimming pool water featured in the Blog and received a very positive response.  I feel I want to paint more along these lines, hence the new work above, which is a little larger.

I loved painting the water and as followers of my Blog will know, I always like painting female legs, but would like to have a bit more of a narrative theme to this piece.  The title ‘Moving On’ is because I feel this woman wants to move on, start again, possibly from a failed relationship and she is going to kick up the water  – making a bigger splash.  There will be much more light to this painting as I work it up, more white highlights to make the splashing etc.

There will be more light on the horizon, shimmering on the water, which looks a bit obvious, but I would like this to be a positive painting.  There is darkness on the horizon as well, but the light is breaking through and the woman is, I think, happy to kick up the water.  There will be more lighter tones on the water, but I have to wait till next week for the paint to dry before I can do that..

I would be interested in your thoughts as to how you personally think the painting is evolving and what it means to you.  Feel free to contact me via email, and do sign up for the Newsletter at the top of the Home page if you would like to be kept up to date with what I am getting up to in the next few months.

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