‘It Will All Be Ok’. Completed 18.04.2018


I saw the work of @MyDogSighs here in Bristol last year for Upfest the  annual urban art festival.  Street artists from all over the world descend on North Street, the street where I live, producing the most amazing street art and graffiti on every available wall, hoarding etc.

I particularly like his ‘Hug’ street art images and obtained his permission to incorporate this work into my own composition.  For this piece I have persuaded lovely Emily White (@ablemabeldesigns) to be my muse.  She has a fabulous collection of Forties/Fifties inspired clothes  and is wearing one of her vibrant dresses for this painting.  She also works at @rhubarbjumble which sells beautiful retro clothes and furniture.  Pop in and have a look at 52 North Street, Bedminster, Bristol just up the road from my studio.

My idea is that she is deep in thought, possibly worrying about a problem and the Hug is comforting her, hence the title.  You, the viewer, will have your own thoughts.   I like placing my trademark woman in  a situation which changes the dynamic of the 2D street art, bringing art to life and vice versa.

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