New work in progress – 22 Jan 2015


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I have started two new pieces this week, as I was keen to use my new and wonderful Michael Harding paints. The colours are so bright and vibrant and coupled with my Rosemary & Co brushes which I also love, I was ready to get going.

The first painting, The Tour Guide, is inspired by a photo I took when I was in Prague wandering around Old Square with my camera.  I spent a couple of hours just photographing people doing stuff and then saw this Tour Guide standing alone.  She looked to me a bit forlorn,The Tour GuideRelaxing waiting and hoping for people to come up to her, but maybe I imagined that – anyway it seemed to be a good composition in my head.  The umbrella was orange, so I took my inspiration from that.  I very rarely use browns and blacks in my work, preferring blues, purples and dark mauves to achieve similar effects.  Then I mix up the complementary colours to get the desired painting I am after – so in this case yellows and bright turquoise.  I am liking how this painting is turning out, but early days yet – time to make lots of mistakes!

The second painting, Relaxing, is a much smaller work, 8×6″ and I am doing a series of these smaller works, to discipline myself from being too loose with my paints.  I love painting in a more impressionist manner but (because I am so impatient) this can result in a slapdash style if I am not too careful, so getting out the smaller brushes and paying more attention to details is what is needed sometimes.  Both styles can look great, as long as I put thought into them!  Again, this is only the start of the painting. More next week, hopefully,.

I am available for Skype tutorials on a one to one basis for help with any painting problems.  Please see my last Blog January 2015 for more details. I am always interested in feedback by the way.

Thanks.   Miche


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  1. January 23, 2015 by lesliemeeks Reply

    Your work is beautiful.

    • January 23, 2015 by michewatkins Reply

      Thank you Leslie for liking my blog and my work. I have just had a look at your blog and your writing is wonderful! I have zilch talent in the writing department. Even thinking up titles for my paintings defeats me sometimes… I found the Let Her Go article very moving, thank you for sharing your blog

      • January 23, 2015 by lesliemeeks Reply

        You’re most welcome and thank you for reading. I just dabble here and there. I look forward to viewing more of your work. Smiles

  2. January 23, 2015 by michewatkins Reply

    Thank you too 🙂

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