February 2015

Well I have finished these two paintings.  The Tour Guide is 20 x 10″ and I have much enjoyed the use of colour here, but will not be painting a pavement square again for quite a long while if I can help it!  It is oil on board and unframed.  I have put it up on my website for £300.

The other painting, Relaxing is a small study of 8 x 6″ and is one of a series of small works I am doing to keep me a bit more disciplined in my painting style.  With the bigger paintings I can get a bit too enthusiastic and throw paint around, sometimes to the detriment of the work, so every so often I get out the small brushes.  These small paintings are all oil on board and work out at £95 each, such a bargain….

I am now about to start my next painting, the image of which I hope will be used in the Blog of a very talented author and sensual poet (sometimes very sensual…ahem) but I love his writing.  Will keep you updated next Blog.

I am available for Skype tutorials on a one to one basis for help with any painting problems.  Please see my last Blog January 2015 for more details. I am always interested in feedback by the way.

IThe TourGuide Relaxing

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