Practising Her Moves, Week 1 – 22 April 2015


Practising Her MovesSo a new painting and a new title to think of again.  At the moment I go with ‘Practising Her Moves’.  Ideas from Twitter friends always VERY welcome.

I decided on a cropped painting this time, as I don’t think I always have to paint a detailed face.  People can decide for themselves what the woman looks like, the human eye usually works it out anyway.  I feel the woman here is getting ready go out for the evening and is having a little dance in her new red shoes, feeling happy.  It is a smaller painting 25 x 35 cm, and on block canvas so does not necessarily need framing.

I have been taken to task for always painting pretty women and pandering to men.  When I said that women also seem to like my paintings,  I was again taken to task for pandering only to a certain type of woman.  Thinking about this, I can say, hand on heart, that I have always drawn and painted women, ever since I was a young girl, drawing princesses, never handsome young princes, and I am not sure why this is so.  I do paint men and this can be seen on my website ( but I just like painting the female form.

ElationI have had a fair bit of interest in buying this painting  ‘Elation’, but me being me, have not written down the names of possible buyers.  If you ARE interested, could you please DM me on Twitter, or email at, thanks.  I am getting together a body of work for a gallery to possibly take to New York for September, and this painting would be included, but nothing is ever written in stone, so can let interested parties know later on in the summer about progress.

Please see my January Blog for Skype tutorials on a one to one basis and feel free to email me if interested.

  1. April 22, 2015 by syl65

    Looks like a nice follow up to “Elation”, MIche!

  2. April 24, 2015 by michewatkins

    Thanks Sylvester I think it works being cropped. She will look better with a proper smile next week!

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