Practising Her Moves – Week 2 – 29 April 2015


Practising Her Moves week 2This is a relatively small painting 35 x 25 cm and is on block canvas so doesn’t need a frame.  I can never decide whether a frame helps a painting or not.   If chosen well it can indeed add a lot, but I have seen so many paintings ‘imprisoned’ within a small frame and for me it deadens the whole effect.  It is worth going to a good framer and getting their advice as they have the knowledge. Framing is not cheap but it can make or break a work.  Having said that, this sort of block canvas really does let the painting stand alone and can work equally well, so good if you are on a budget.

As to the painting, my girl now has a mouth!  Not perfect yet, and I am itching to get onto the detail, but that is for next week.  As usual I am very impatient…..

I have work to do on the mirror frame, it is not the correct shape yet and am looking forward to adding a few dashes of colour and glazing on the walls – a bit of spontaneous inspiration is needed I think!  The fireplace is coming along and have now added in a rug to balance the heaviness of the fireplace.

I can remember the excitement of a new party dress when I was a young girl and the getting ready to go out and I hope this will come across with this painting when it is finished.  I hope to finish it by next week’s blog and am longing to get into the detail now.

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