‘Practising Her Moves’ – 6 May 2015


Practising Her Moves

This smaller painting is now finished at 35 x 25 cm and is up on my website for £165. Being on a block canvas I do not think it will need framing. I have enjoyed adding in the last details of blue on her skin and lilac on the fireplace. It is often a good way to bring a painting together to link dabs of one colour say on the wall or the fireplace onto the dress/skin, it unifies the composition.

As always I have not used black, preferring instead to mix ultramarine blue with either burnt sienna or raw umber. This gives a softer colour on the fireplace and I then add in the lilac & pink highlights to give more interest.

I am going to have a bit of a break from painting for a couple of weeks, as I think I have overworked myself a bit recently. But I will be back ! I shall come back with some more new ideas which are already bubbling away in my head and just need to come together. In the meantime, I will be sharing some paintings of mine that are on my website and giving my thoughts on how I came up with the idea of that composition, colours used etc.

People Watching

So this first is called People Watching and is on the website framed for £600 or £450 unframed. The frame is a lovely white tray frame which compliments the paintings superbly but I also know not everyone wants a white frame against a white wall….It is 80 x 60 cm framed.

I took this photo on a trip to Prague and was strolling around Old Square with my camera. I felt slightly guilty taking the pic without asking permission, but I  loved the shape of the girl’s hair and the set of her shoulders. I also thought the guy looked cool. They were indeed just people watching as so many of us love to do and I liked the relaxed feel of this composition.

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