New work at last – 10 June 2015


A mobile phone

So new work as cold gone and roof mended (sort of) and ready to paint after wonderful holiday.

I noticed on my travels in and around San Francisco that blonde is still the norm and mobile phones are everywhere, so am not going to apologise for another ‘blonde’ painting or two, but will move on after these two!  I liked both poses so much that I decided to have them both in the one painting and I think this works well.  Early days mind you…..In the photo the model is wearing black skirt and black shoes, but I always shy away from black for some reason.  If I have to use black, I will mix ultramarine and burnt sienna to get various shades of ‘black’.  Bright mediterranean colours appeal to me far more as they are happy colours.  I may add more orange to the skirt as I go along as complimentary colours always work well (Google colour wheel if you get a chance to see more about complimentary colours – simple but effective use of colour).


I am not sure what to call this yet, so any help from my Twitter base would be great, not rude please!  Originally I thought I wanted an awkward pose, but now I look at this and see her thinking or dreaming about something personal to her – or just admiring her new red shoes in the mirror!  She will be blonder too as I go along, but I usually put the darks in first and then the highlights sing more when I put them on the dry dark shades, a tip it took me YEARS to accept and learn from!  I am trying to get away from blending tones too as I think that can look quite boring.  Putting colours next to each other instead of blending make for a more interesting painting I think.  We shall see……

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