Recent work, new painting next week, illness….3 June 2015


ThinkingI really meant to start new work this week on my return from holiday, but I came back to a flu type virus and water leaking through the ceiling of my front room, so painting has had take a back seat for one more week.  So…this painting, called ‘Thinking’ is a mix of two images in my head.  I saw this woman sitting in the old square of Prague and just loved her serenity and other worldliness (at least in my head).  In the photo her eye was visible, but I decided not to show that because I am learning that buyers do not always want a recognisable face.  Interesting eh?  You will notice in other artists’ paintings that people are sometimes painted back view, or in profile or with sunglasses etc. I think the naked eye can make up its own mind what is or is not there in a picture.

The background to this painting was somewhere completely different.  A cafe in Clifton, Bristol which had this amazing wall with faded lettering all over it.  I just thought it might make a more interesting composition than the original background which was a bit mundane. The painting is available on my website framed or unframed.


These two small paintings are both 8 x 6″ and are oil on canvas unframed.  Every so often I decide to paint small to discipline me and stop me from getting too sloppy.  My daughter had these amazing gold jeans and I just had to paint my take on them.  She has sassy taste in shoes too…

These are also available on my website for £95 each – a bargain eh?!

See you next week with the first week of new work – can’t wait to get going.

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