More recent work on website 27 May 2015


imageIt has been imagesuggested to me that this painting looks as if the couple are in an arm wrestling match! Not my intention at all I assure you. This is a couple toasting their future together. They could be engaged he could be married or she could be or they could be toasting their divorce – who know these days? It could be cheesy I suppose, but this couple were both going through divorces and were just very happy to have found each other and I wanted to paint that. It is available on the website framed or unframed.

With the painting on the right I was very tempted to call this Does My Bum Look Big in This but decided it wasn’t very professional. However it’s every woman’s nightmare when she tries on a new dress however slim she looks and I felt most women would identify with the image. However again the viewer will make up their own idea as to what is happening. This could indeed be The Tailor as I have finally called the painting. It is painted in oils and is on the website available framed or unframed .

image This Line Art is painted in cream acrylic on white box canvas and is 90 x 60 cm. Again the dealer would not take it because it was politically incorrect ( see previous Blog!) but I think it is just fun and sassy. I can paint this in different sizes to suit different walls. You can see more on my website and also at

Please see my January Blog for Skype tutorials on a one to one basis and feel free to email me if interested.

  1. May 28, 2015 by syl65

    You do some nice work, Miche. The second painting does look as if he’s checking out her bum. The first one, a sweet toast. The last one, she’s just ultra cool… thank you for sharing

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