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imageThis is onimagee of my favourite paintings with one of my favourite models. However the art dealer I work with would not take it on because of the unpolitically correct cigarette in the painting, something I had never thought of.  I think the viewer can make of this image whatever they like. I deliberately put a ring on the guy’s finger so that it could be the start of an illicit affair or it could be completely innocent, it’s up to the viewer. As always I use the palette of blues and purples that I love so much. This work is available framed or unframed and prices are on my site

The second painting is of the same girl just having some downtime, relaxing and enjoying herself . I cropped this work as I don’t think you always have to have the whole face, the eye of the viewer can interpret the rest of the image. I LOVED using the pink palette here . Framed and unframed the size and price is the same as The First Move on my website and is available.


This is one of my Line Art paintings which are cream acrylic with a touch of red on a white canvas with a thick black outline. These Line Arts are on box canvasses so no framing required. They are my fun side! Affordable and contemporary I can paint these to any size a client requires and because of the neutral colours go with any decor. This particular one is called Leaning Lady and is available to buy. There are more examples on my website.

Please see my January Blog for Skype tutorials on a one to one basis and feel free to email me if interested.

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