Week 3 ‘Envy’ – 22 July 2015


Envy 1

So Week 3 and nearly done here. I have been messing around with Photoshop trying to get the colours accurate for the purposes of this Blog and my Twitter feed, but am not totally there, unfortunately, so please bear with me. I wish I was better on the computer…..

The dress on the left is more turquoise than the blue shown here and I have changed the colour of the girl’s shoes accordingly to compliment the dress.  Have also added touches of that turquoise mix into the curtains behind, which help pull the work together.  Next week I will tone down the lemon shade of the belt as I think it is too ‘in your face’ at the moment.

I have added the same turquoise touches and some of the lilac from the chairs into the girl on the right’s white dress to make it stand out a bit more from the chairs and background white.  Have also added in a touch of yellow ochre from the blind to the white walls again to show subtle (hopefully!) differences between chairs, lilac chairs and white dress.

I still feel the lilac chairs are competing a bit too much with the figures, so next week will tone them down somehow.

Touches of blue which I put into the flesh tones have now been added into the floor colour – a spontaneous touch after my coffee fix – and I think this is working.

Lastly next week, I can finally get down to the bits I love painting, the details.  The shoes, the bracelets, the lemon belt, the necklace etc. Can’t wait.

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