‘Envy’ completed and available. 29 July 2015



Envy 1

This has taken me longer than I anticipated for two reasons.

The first is that I used a snapshot to work from and it is always difficult to find the detail in a quick photograph like this. When I used to paint portrait commissions I would always ask if I could be given a good, clear head and shoulder shot of the sitter so that I could really get down to the details etc.

The second, and possibly more important reason for me, is that there is no direct light source, ie. definite lights and shades, so the overall effect is for me a bit bland. Not the sitters, I hasten to say, nor the composition, which I love, just the lighting.

When I set up a composition using a model, I will always try to have a defined light source coming from one side, wherever possible. This then produces wonderful lights, tones, shades etc. Have a look at Caravaggio’s work on Google to see what I mean.

Having said all this, I am happy with the final result, although I feel I may have overworked the details as a result. Looser brush next time….

The painting is available on my website to buy priced at £325.

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