New Work, week 1, Hanging a Painting. 9 September 2015


A painting hanging day

So time for a new blonde painting and red shoes (specially for @RoyRad1 !).

I had started this painting when I got sidetracked into looking at other artists’ work and in particular those who are using the drip painting effect at the moment.  I REALLY liked this effect and Googled on YouTube how to do it.  I am sometimes too impatient and decided to give it a go there and then and the result was rubbish. …. So I have this morning painted over it and started again. The tip here is to prepare the background drip effect work BEFORE starting putting in the figures etc.  I will know for next time haha.  Art is always an ongoing learning experience for me.

My original thought was to have the girl standing on the ladder stool hanging the one painting of herself and have the neutral background, but looking at it this morning I decided this was missing something, so have inserted a touch of humour here….I have put in two more paintings of my own work and leave the viewer to find the originals on my website!  If you don’t find them, then I am not a very good representational painter…

I was going to insert another painting to the right of the painting but now quite like the slightly unbalanced composition.  Any feedback welcome as always (I think….)

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