‘Downtime’ Week 2. 14 October 2015


A downtime painting

Enjoying deciding on colours for this.  I particularly like the red of the sofa and will put more lights and darks into it as the painting progresses as I think the contrasts of light and shade always make for a more interesting work.

I had about a 50/50 split on Twitter feedback regarding leaving the shoes as they were or changing them.  In the end I a) slimmed down the straps and b) changed the colour to incorporate a coloured sole.  They may well become more pink next week.

The dress at present is sea green and I might put a pattern onto it as I go along.

I hope you like this painting and enjoy seeing the process behind it.  You can see more of my work at  I am interested in portraying women who are strong, independent and beautiful but with a touch of anonymity such as cropping or turning the head away from the viewer who can then make up their own mind as to what is happening.

I am having my website updated which is very exciting.  Watch this space and feel free to give me feedback when it goes live.

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