‘Liberation’ Week 1. 28 October 2015h


My apologies as for some reason I cannot upload the image of this work.  It could be because I am in the process of having my website completely revamped and therefore I can’t manually upload images temporarily.  If you would like to see the image, please have a look at my Twitter account @MicheWatkins from tomorrow (29 October).  Thank you for your patience.

This painting is in its early stages hence only one leopard print shoe so far.  This is a young woman who is confident, modern and very into her fashion.  The red bra has come off, hence the ‘liberation’ but I leave the viewer to imagine what happens next.  She could be going to a burlesque class, or just finished it;  or about to meet her lover, who knows?  This is why I so love painting pieces like this, I have my own ideas as to what is happening, but you the viewer will have your own ideas.  I may soften the colour of the bra as at the moment I feel I have a bit of overkill on the red tones.

There will be more contrasts of light and darks as I go along I think, to give the picture more impact.

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