‘That Friday Feeling’ week 3. 2 March 2016



The first thing I see as I look at this photographic image of my painting is that the girl looks as if she has a beard, something I didn’t notice from looking at the actual painting, and which will be sorted by next week 🙂

As an artist,  I get so absorbed in the painting of the piece that sometimes I just do not see the wood from the trees as I am too involved in the creating of the work and I am sure other artists will identify with this.

This is when the camera is such a good tool. Taking a photo of the work will show up any areas that need resolving and which have not been noticed before. Strange how this works,  but it just does. It’s the same when I hold up the painting to a mirror or just hold it upside down, any points needing to be sorted out are shown up instantly. I hesitate to use the word ‘mistakes’ as that involves negative connotations and I have had enough of negativity… We artists are sensitive souls at the best of times, so we don’t need negativity thrown at us!

Looking forward to getting down to the detail next week when I should finish this painting I think. Just need to resolve that beard….

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