‘That Friday Feeling’ Week 2. 17 Feb 2016


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I am beginning to add depth to the painting starting with changing the green shade of the walls subtly and then incorporating that shade into all the other colours; in the flesh of the girl’s arm in the foreground, in the glasses for the Margaritas ( or are they Mojitos ) and in the wood of the background seating, etc. It is amazing how, by doing that, the whole painting starts to come together, unifying the composition.

I spent years painting individual parts of a painting separately, compartmentalising them, and the end result was a piece that to me, lacked form and seemed static.  I always seem to find my way the long way round, but I am getting there with this work and I particularly like the vibrant colours in this scene.

Most people will identify with that Friday feeling, of finishing work and sitting in a bar, restaurant etc., with friends relaxing over a glass of wine and looking forward to the weekend ahead.

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