‘That Friday Feeling Again’ New Work week 1. 10 Feb 2016


A Panchos Blog size

I lived in Cape Town for five years until fairly recently and one of my favourite haunts was a Mexican restaurant called Panchos in Observatory’ where I discovered the pleasure of Margaritas big time.

It was, and still is, a vibrant area and this restaurant is right in the middle of it.  I saw these two girls there one Friday night, enjoying their evening, eating their Tacos, drinking Margaritas and I just thought it would make a great painting.

I have kept this photo till now and am ready, hopefully to do it justice. I am not a fan of the colour green usually, for some reason, but this vibrant shade  on the wall just has to be kept in, as it touches and adds colour to so much around it, the glasses, the jacket, the hair and even the flesh. The painting would lose a lot and become boring without this rich colour.  So be it!

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