‘Christmas is SO over’ completed. 3 Feb 2016


A Nat

Completed and happy at last….

I have so enjoyed the composition of this piece. It is a restful pose, very peaceful, although I am not sure how many women keep their shoes on to read their book. My shoes are the first thing to come off when I come home – it must be an enthralling novel.

I was going to leave out the Christmas tree initially, not being sure if it helped the composition, but in the end I decided it added to it, hence the title of the work. Christmas is such a busy time and sometimes one just wants to escape it all and settle down with a totally absorbing book.

The red hair has been a real bonus to paint and I am very happy with how this has turned out.

So next in my head is a scene in a Mexican bar with some Mojitos to hand, girls having fun on a Friday night. More next week!

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