New Work, week 1, untitled so far. 14 April 2016


A Holly

After the bright, fun colours of ‘Moving On’, I felt I wanted to paint a quieter piece, more reflective and peaceful, which I think I am achieving with this work.  Looking again at ‘Waiting, Wishing, Wanting’ on the website, I decided I would like to have a painting that compliments this, a young, pensive, blonde woman set next to a dark haired woman putting her hair up, also looking thoughtful.  I would be interested in any feedback here too?

It is important to think as much of the background as the figure when painting a picture.  Invariably, I will put touches of colour from the figure into the background, to pull the whole composition together.  Hence there is a hint of the pink used in the skirt on the wall, and also a touch of the blonde shade in the hair is in the backdrop.  The same pink tone has been put into the deep red of the wine glass and even a little of the deep red into the flesh tones.

The bedspread she is sitting on is a neutral cream/beige but I may change this as time goes on if I feel the painting is too bland.  I may also introduce an android phone onto the table with the blue light reflecting off the bedspread and skirt, can’t decide yet!

So far I am at a loss to think of a name for this work, so if anyone has any ideas for a title, please feel free to tweet them to me please, thank you.

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