New Work, week 1. Pink Hat. 4 May 2016



Having finished my quiet piece ‘Should I stay or should I go’ I wanted to paint a similar work, and failed totally. I realised, yet again, that I have to be spontaneous when I paint, and to paint another painting in similar vein so soon after the original just doesn’t do it for me. I wasted several hours working out compositions, blocking in the work etc, getting increasingly frustrated. I left the work overnight and the next morning could see that I was going wrong.

All is not lost, as I do like the final composition and will come back to this work at a later date.

So to this piece, which is going to be completely different and I love the good feeling I get when I feel a painting is going the right direction. Instead of a quiet piece, this will be bright and lively with Meditarranean colours. Can’t wait to get into all the detail of the swimming pool with different shades of turquoise and blue and splashes of white; you can see the start in the right hand corner of the painting.  A hot and sunny artwork…

The pink hat will be brighter as time goes along and there will be more tones on the wooden backdrop … Can’t wait!

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