‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go’ completed 27 April 2016



Finally a title! I had a great response from Twitter followers for a name for this painting which I had struggled with. Once I had added in the phone, this title just did it for me, so thank you Mark and to all who came up with such great ideas.

Again you, the viewer, can decide what is happening here. The blue light from the phone reflects an incoming message and the girl has to decide what to do next, hence the title.  Is it from a lover? Does she need a glass of wine to help her decide? Or is it just a random call from No Caller ID …..

At present this is unframed and I had wanted to pair it up with the framed Waiting, Wishing, Wanting which is in a beautiful dark wood frame, but am open to offers on either or both of them.

I am at last getting a bit of help with the admin side of my work from an independent assistant, so things might look a little more organised in the future and I can concentrate on the painting…

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