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I have been reading about an exhibition in London at the moment of photographs by William Eggleston and very much want to go and see his wonderful works.  I read somewhere that he photographs ‘inconsequential moments’ and ‘alluring mundanity’ and that the colours in his photographs ‘practically glow’ .

I am a painter, not a photographer, but would like to think I am trying to achieve the same result.  I try to capture a moment in time, usually a woman comfortable in her own skin.

So to this piece.  After the bright colours of my last work ‘Is He With Her Now’ I felt it was time for a quieter painting. Originally the composition had a modern lampshade above the girl’s hair but decided this did not benefit the scene, so it has been painted out. Not sure whether I will keep the very matt black background and may introduce more light to the left of the work with a touch of red from the dress added to the black on the right hand side . Time will tell!

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  1. July 28, 2016 by Liam Cahill

    Intriguing, beautiful image.

  2. July 29, 2016 by Miche

    Thank you for the feedback Liam. I so nearly binned this one as was not sure whether the composition was interesting enough, but sometimes the quiet, almost mundane settings work the best. Also the last minute addition of the black background makes the red ‘sing’ I think.

  3. August 02, 2016 by David J. Rogers

    Hi Miche, I like this one very much. I saw your email saying that some of your work is going to Miami and to Bristol. Congratulations. I wonder how you feel about parting with your paintings. Writers can sell their books, but still have them, while artists no longer have the original work once it’s sold. On the other hand, writers never see their work up on a wall.

  4. August 02, 2016 by Miche

    It’s a tricky one David as I do indeed get very fond of some of my work, particularly if the model is my daughter or daughter in law. But needs must, and it is always lovely to think of of one of my paintings hanging on someone’s wall and hopefully, being admired. One of my works is now in a home in San Francisco and I did miss this one as it was a reflective painting of my son looking out of a window, but hey I have the real live model living here in London!!

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