New work, week 2. ‘Seeking Answers’. 3 Aug 2016



‘People ask why there are so few female artists who succeed. It’s because women are not ready to sacrifice as much as men. Women want a man, they want a family, they want to have children, they want to be loved and to be an artist.   And they can’t; it’s impossible.’   Marina Abramovic

I love this woman and some (but not all!) of her work. Have a look on YouTube at a short film of when she meets Ulay, her ex partner, again, after so many years, at one of her ‘performances’, it is utterly moving and compelling.

What she says in the above quote is pretty much accurate for me. I have struggled most of my life to balance my art with my personal life and after three children and two failed marriages, I finally have the time and energy to be selfish with my art and am getting somewhere at long last.

So to this painting. I am grateful to one of my Twitter followers for the title which I love. Regular readers of this blog will know that titles are not my forte, so any help is always gratefully received.

Enjoying getting down to the detail on this piece.  The background definitely works being dark, but am introducing some light from the left hand side and adding touches of whatever colour is on my palette to the darker right side, cadmium red and burnt sienna at the moment.  This process usually helps pull the composition together in the end.

I think I must make her smile a little more though !

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