New work, week 2. 24 August 2016



Week two and a lot more colour being introduced into this fun piece. I had endless problems trying to mix the colours of the bright fuchsia pink on the beach ball.  I Googled pinks, I haunted my local art store,  asked other artist friends, most of whom gave me different advice, and in the end had settled for a rather dull pink and went off and painted another part of the painting.

When I came back to the work a couple of days later, I looked again in my box of paints and there tucked away in a dark corner I found ….Quinacridone Magenta.   Perfect with a touch of white. Obsessed, moi?!

Will get the horizontal lines right by next week when the paint is dry and I can get the masking tape out. Also itching to get down to the detail of the water now.  The ground the lady is standing on needs more definition too…. It is never ending, the joy of painting, for me.

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