‘A Misunderstanding’ week 3. 21 Sept 2016



Mid course on this piece and partly happy and partly not 🙁

Adding in my touches of blue and pink are definitely working and I will add in more next week once I have stepped back from the painting for a few days.  Sometimes I get too enthusiastic with the splashes of colour and the result is overworked.

I am also happy with how the dress is coming along, the shape and tones are working well.   Not happy though with the girl’s face and spent too long on it this morning.  I trained as a portrait artist and am spending too long trying to get a likeness, which is not necessary in a figurative painting such as this.  I WILL get it right by next week….

I also need to work more on the man’s shirt, starting with the edging on the shoulder seam which needs to be raised a bit; the arm is looking too short at the moment and I think that is the reason why.

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