‘A Misunderstanding’ week 2. 12 Sept 2016



‘When I’m painting, I feel 30. It’s only when I stop that I know I’m not’.  David Hockney.

A statement I totally agree with. When I am at my easel, in the zone, I feel energised, alive, full of ideas etc. When I stop, I feel the back pain from having stood badly all my life at the easel and now at 63 paying the cost. But how lucky I am to have this passion to paint, a feeling which will be be with me till I die.

Building up on last week’s painting and it seems the title has hit a chord with a lot of people, male or female.  Misunderstandings happen so quickly and can take a lifetime to resolve (in some cases).

I am longing to add in the touches of colour at the end which make the painting ‘sing’ like cerulean blue, turquoise and maybe vivid purple, but I have to be patient and press on with the underpainting for now.  Likewise I am itching to ‘blonde’ up the girl’s hair but ….

My recent oil paintings and Line Arts are on show with Clifton Fine Arts in Bristol and they are opening their second  gallery a few doors down from the other gallery in Perry Road this week.  Pop in and have a look of you are in the area.

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