‘A Misunderstanding’. Week 1. 6 Sept 2016



A new work, and as I said in my last blog, a quieter piece after all that sunshine and high heeled shoes 🙂

Originally the couple were further apart in the photo I am working from, but decided to draw them closer together and crop the scene.  Cropping nearly always improves a painting in my opinion.

The title for this is, I think, what I am trying to convey.  It is so easy in a relationship for something to said in the heat of the moment, and once said, too late to backtrack from.  You are left with regrets.

Alternatively, she could just be wishing she had asked for an Aperol rather than the red wine……

At the moment, the colours are muted, and most of the lines of the window are skewed, but with patience (never easy for this artist) all will be resolved soon.  Can’t wait, as always, to add the splashes of pure colour at the end to lift the whole composition.

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