‘Nearly Ready’ Week 1. 5 Oct 2016



A smaller painting, square for a change, and for the first time painted on Ampersand board on the recommendation of a fellow artist.   It is a lovely smooth surface to work on and works well for smaller, detailed works.  Not so sure how it would work for large paintings as the surface is so smooth. Will give it a try sometime.

I feel this is a story of a girl getting ready for a night out. She has the glass of wine to relax with while she gets herself ready; the book is now  abandoned as she fixes her shoes and waits for the phone to ring telling her the taxi has arrived.

The dress has deliberately been toned down in colour to compensate for the bright red of the sofa.  Red and black are favourites of mine as can be seen in my Line Arts.  An art dealer once told me that a touch of red sells paintings and now I always look out for that in famous paintings .. Turner comes to mind straight away, Caravaggio another!

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