New work, week 1. 23 Nov 2016



I love starting a new painting, always so exciting working out the composition and the colours.  Sometimes I think I should leave a work at its first stages, as there is that loose impressionistic look to it which can be very appealing. However, the perfectionist in me then weighs in and I have to be very careful not to end up with a too ‘tight’ finished piece.  Wish me luck.

The model I worked for this time came and worked with me one evening alongside a wonderful potter/sculptor who had some great ideas about styling and lighting.  We used his home as the backdrop to the photos and between the three of us came up with some fabulous images.  My model just seemed to know which poses to settle into and turned up with beautiful dresses and accessories.  I am delighted with the results as you will hopefully see in the next series of paintings beginning with this one.

I went to see the ‘Beyond Caravaggio’ exhibition in London recently and yet again was overwhelmed by his use of chiaroscuro,  the lights and darks in the paintings and this is what I am aiming to achieve myself.  A long haul ahead!

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