New work, week 2. 11 Jan 2017



‘If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced’.  Vincent Van Gogh.

This quote was on Instagram recently put up by another artist I follow, and it rang such a chord.   It was not so much that I was dissuaded from going to art college when I was young, as it was considered a second class career (!), but more the voice inside my head telling me I wasn’t good enough and believing that voice.

Only very recently, a dear friend who I have known forever said to me about my art progression ‘ I didn’t think you had it in you’!  Sigh.

Well I have indeed persevered and now paint each and every day following my true passion.   I love what I do and will continue until I physically can’t paint any more.

So to week 2 of this work which I am enjoying working up.  The Ampersand gesso board is wonderful to paint on, giving a smooth finish.  Not sure how it would work for a large piece but it is great for smaller works to get the detail right.  Looking forward to more detail next week.

I was delighted to be given an Award of Merit by Manhattan Arts International for their New Beginnings Exhibition. Have a look at some great art at

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