New work, week 3. 18 Jan 2017



Into the third week and getting down to detail.  Should be finished next week when the fine work is added.  I want to add softer focus to the fabric, possibly adding in some lighter mauve and blue shades.   More work is needed on the shading of the arms.  The sofa I think is almost complete.

The hair has been lightened to a blonde shade and I think needs less height to it – next week.  This model, one of  my favourites, was coming to pose for me as I  loved her blonde hair.  However, a few days before the photo session unbeknown to me she dyed her hair a darker blonde! I kept on with the photo session regardless as she is so good, but was a bit sad as had blonde shades in my mind.

I also have a follower on Twitter who has bought one of my blonde paintings and is always asking me when there will be another.  So Roy, this one is for you!

If you are a follower of  mine on Instagram, please have a look at recent posts of mine as I have put up a couple of images showing my work now in situ with customers in San Francisco, New York and here in Bristol.  Thanks guys, lovely to see my work up on your walls.

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See you next week. Cheers.

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