‘Dreaming of Lady Gaga’ completed. 26 Jan 2017



This piece is 12 x 12″ (30 x 30cm) and is now finished. It is painted on gessoboard and is in oils.

The title is very much tongue in cheek.  When I was about half way through the work, one of my followers on Twitter suggested there was a resemblance to Lady Gaga and that I should send it to her.  I had never set out to paint Lady G;  this is in fact my daughter in law sitting nursing a little glass musing…..

I decided to put the work up on one of the groups for artists on LinkedIn and got a lot of interesting feedback.  I did stress that it was never my intention to paint Lady Gaga, which was a good thing, as several people commented that she would probably not have been happy to be painted without her permission.  My own thinking is that she must get so many Tweets etc, it was highly unlikely she would look at my one photo!

It was fun to see all the comments and of course I will not be sending it to her, but I couldn’t resist the title.   This young woman could be looking into her glass, thinking what a wonderful life her heroine Lady Gaga has, celebrity status etc.  Or she could just be thinking, ‘I need another whisky’.

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