Week 1, new work. 2 Feb 2017



A complete change from the last work, less fabric, more flesh tones to deal with; both always challenging.

This is very much a first draft as it were.  At the moment the bikini is golden yellow but it may well change to a vivid red to give more emphasis against the sand as the composition looks a bit bland.  I want to inject more colour after the more muted tones of the last painting ( see last blog, Dreaming of Lady Gaga ). I will be levelling out the horizon of course as it looks a bit drunk as it stands.  I will also be adding in more colour to the sand to bring it to life more.  As for the parasol, well that will burst alive with colour!

I am away in Cape Town just now on a working holiday, hence this composition.  I hope to take some more great sunshine shots for future paintings so keep reading my updated blogs for more info.   It never ceases to surprise and uplift me when I am staying somewhere hot.  The people seem more alive, the colours are just amazing and I end up wanting to paint so much more in so little time.  I love living in England where my family all live, but every so often I yearn to escape to the warmth, colours and pace of life of a country basked in sunshine.

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