Week 2, new work. 8 Feb 2017



Decided the bikini colour was too bland against the light shades of the sand.  So the bikini is now a lovely shade of red; I may introduce some orange shading as time goes along.

The sand is beginning to take shape as I paint in more shadows and tones; in fact I may have to soften those lines by next week as they look a little rigid at present.

The shadows on the sand of the legs and the parasol stand break up what could have become a rather dull foreground.  As usual, I am not a fan of brown in my palette so those shadows will veer towards purples and blues.

Enjoyimg painting in the vibrant colours of the parasol, getting more definition as the painting develops.

Skin tones gaining strength; horizon no longer drunken, getting there!

It’s amazing what staying in a warm and colourful place like Cape Town is doing to this artist’s thoughts and ideas!  I will be returning with an IPhone full of new and wonderful photos, of swimming pools, blue seas and skies and hopefully masses of colour.  Africa is a vibrant place and gets under my skin just as the cliche says it would.

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