New work, week 3. 21 Feb 2017



Making good progress now, next week should see it finished and available.  Still not sure of a title, so any ideas please?

I think I will still liven up the bikini colour somewhat and the skin tones need more depth and development before I shall be satisfied it is finished.  However, I have never yet met another artist who is completely sure they have finished a piece; there is always something small that needs adjusting.  Artists are perfectionists by nature, forever searching and developing their skills and talents.  Or so I believe!

Loving being back in Cape Town and am grateful for my beloved IPhone to point and shoot at some interesting scene, be it on a beach, in a cafe, or half way up Table Mountain… daughter has been out to stay and has, as always, been an inspiring muse for me.  I can’t wait to get started on a series of Cape Town paintings on my return to Bristol, but in my style though.  I would not wish to try and copy some of the amazing African artists here.  All I can do is use my own perspective and ideas to hopefully produce some great paintings, but with those wonderful bright and zingy colours that living under an African sun inspires.

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