I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing…In Perfect Harmony. Completed 07/02/18


This piece is 20x 16” (50 x 40cm) and is oil on board.  I am also in the process of painting a smaller piece in similar vein.  Same background but the blonde is walking away, swigging from her Coke bottle.  More of that later, hopefully.    I have been painting on deep canvasses recently which do not need framing, but sometimes a white modern tray frame can really add to an artwork, hence these new paintings on board.   I have a great local framer and he and I are coming up with some great ideas.

This piece is inspired by the Street art of @brknwrld who I came across on Instagram.  His work is eye catching and thought provoking and I have his permission to use this one street art as a background to my trademark woman.

I liked the idea of the Molotov cocktails being served up by a masked waiter.  My cool blonde is raising her Coke to him, almost high fiveing him.  Why not?

The thinking behind my art at the moment is that the 3 dimensional woman changes the dynamics of the 2 dimensional street art on the wall, bringing art to life and vice versa.  A theme I want to pursue long term.

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