Chess Boards, Gallery reopening, hope. 20 March 21


Well it’s been a while since my last Blog.  Covid has come along and I don’t need to go into that as we’ve all been there.   What it did was to change the way I paint, as witnessed  by the smaller fruit and veg paintings you can see in the Catalogue at the top of the Home Page.

I really enjoy painting these and they sell well.  I paint anything that catches my eye, flowers, fruit, donuts, interesting veggies etc.  They are framed in white and cost £70. I am also available for commissions.

I also sell prints and you can find them at

Recently, with the success of the film ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, there has been an upsurge in playing chess, particularly online, and I have received a flurry of commission requests for specific chess piece compositions, as well as poker card and poker chip compositions.  I am always happy to undertake commissions;  the requests keep my own ideas fresh.  Please DM or email me for more info and any of your own requests.  I paint anything within reason 😜.

With lockdown beginning to end,  North Street Gallery is looking to reopen on April 12.  4 artists, including myself, manage this wonderful space, so if you are in the Bristol area,  come and have a browse.  We encourage emerging artists as well as established ones, so there is always a diverse array of talent on board and there is a two month rotation so always something new.  We are at 135 North Street in Bedminster BS3.

Lastly, there is always hope.  Things WILL improve, summer IS coming, Covid is  not going away, but with a good vaccine programme, we can learn to live with it and still thrive.





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