New Work at North Street Gallery


It’s been a while but here we are.   I have been busy providing new work for North Street Gallery which is in Bedminster, Bristol, UK.   I manage the Gallery with 3 other artists and we promote local emerging artists alongside established ones.  We are a community inspired Gallery and I absolutely love giving new artists a chance to promote their work in an established Gallery.   North Street is buzzing these days, home to Upfest, the Urban Paint Festival which draws artists from all over the world.  Bristol is a hub of creative talent and I am proud to be part of that magic.

My latest paintings are all here on the website.  The top 5 paintings have bespoke frames so are slightly more expensive than the four underneath.  I decided to have 2 price structures as we are living in difficult times financially and art is a luxury.  I also sell prints, the link is on my About Me page.


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