New Exhibition Riverside Studios Hammersmith London !


I really love painting my Line Art acrylic pieces.  I first developed this style when I lived in Cape Town and had a big studio and a market for large works in that beautiful city.   These artworks are all 90 x 60 cm.

Since I moved back to the UK, I did not have the space to paint in such a large style and so turned back to my first love of oil painting.  I started painting my small 8” square pieces of anything that caught my eye and people buy 2/3 to hang in their kitchens or bedrooms.  I’m always available for commissioned work.

However recently I’ve had a hankering to get back to my Line Art and recently completed 3 pieces featuring swimming pools (I am a great fan of David Hockney).   These paintings evolved around the theme of being alone, but never lonely.  My beloved partner died 6 years ago and I have had to navigate life alone. I have children and grandchildren to keep me busy, I paint every day, and I also go happily on holiday alone, as I crave the sunshine having lived in beautiful Cape Town.   I enjoy sitting by a pool wearing my sassy sun spex and enjoying life.  You just need a positive attitude in life.

So to the Exhibition in the title.  Chorus Arts in London have taken on 10 artists to mentor and support for a year.  Their help has been invaluable.  I have had 1-2-1 sessions, online workshops etc and I am forever grateful to them in giving me confidence in my work.   They have organised this Exhibition at the fabulous Riverside Studios right by Hammersmith Bridge in London and the Exhibition will be on until the end of August.  Do come along and have a browse of the work on show, including of course my own.  Find Chorus Arts on Instagram @chorus_arts and on LinkedIn.  Thank you Chorus Arts

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