Week 2 of Untitled (so far). Could be Daily Diva Dash! 12 August 2015


A Beth

Having asked in last week’s blog for any ideas for a title for this painting, someone has come back with the brilliant title of the ‘Daily Diva Dash’.  Out of the window went all my romantic ideas of the wedding ring and the pros and cons for the viewer of a possible affair in this work.  Instead, the daily task of looking your best and I  think there could be a series of paintings here (if I can persuade my model to pose yet again for me!).  So thank you WyzappleGal on Twitter for the clever title.

The colour is not completely accurate yet via the photo I have put up and I apologise for this.  The table cloth is a muted pale green and I shall eventually put some white polka dots on it ….or not, depending on my mood at the time of painting haha.  I keep making the background darker and still think it could be darker still, but will wait a few days to review it.  I use linseed oil with this, adding it to the oil paint so that I get a hopefully, light glaze.  Glazes are brilliant as you still see the original paint through the glaze.  Opacity has its time and place, but sometimes glazes just are the business.

I think I shall still leave in the wedding ring to add interest, but any feedback here is always welcome.

By the way, for those following me on Twitter who are shoe fans, I just LOVE the little black boots my model wore eh?!

  1. August 20, 2015 by MPOssa

    Awww you are warmly welcome. Love your work and talent!!!

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